Massive Box Set of Wim Wenders’ Films to Be Released on Blu-Ray

Wenders box set
I’ve been a fan of Wim Wenders’ films since the late 1970s, when I first saw his early films in New York City. His 1976 Im Lauf der Zeit (Kings of the Road, in English), is probably the film I’ve seen the most in my lifetime. For a long time, I’d go see it whenever it was showing near me. I saw it a few times in New York City, then several times in Paris, when I lived there, and I remember even seeing it once in Bordeaux, when I was traveling around France, and, by chance, this epic road movie, was playing in a small cinema.

All of Wenders’ films are about rootless people, people on the road, though among his he made many documentaries later in his career. He is best known for the 1984 film Paris, Texas, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes that year.

Now, a big box set is being release containing what most of his work: 22 films, and seven short films, along with more than 50 special features, including interviews, deleted scenes, trailers, and more. Most of these films are restored in 4K, with some in 2K, but this will be the ultimate edition of Wenders’ work.

It’s available for pre-order now from Amazon, and, while they say it’s not released until December 2027, the actual date is more likely December 2022; otherwise, it would not be available for pre-order.

I look forward to this wonderful Christmas present to myself.