Master the Various Media Views in iTunes

iTunes 12 offers several ways to view your content: your music, movies, TV shows, and more. Each of these views presents content in a different way and displays different information about it. While many of these views are similar to what iTunes 11 offered, there are some changes.

To change views, you click the View Options menu at the top right of the iTunes window–or press Command-J–to display a pop-over. The pop-over displays the name of the current view: for music, this could be Songs, Albums, Artists, Composers, or Genres. Note that if the iTunes window is too small, you’ll only see a down-pointing caret in its place.

Here’s a look at the various views in iTunes 12. I’ll show examples of viewing music in iTunes 12, but most of the other types of content, with the exception of podcasts and apps, offer similar views.

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