Move to Apple Music 1.1.6 review: Transfer your Spotify and Rdio playlists to Apple Music

So you’ve been using Spotify for a while, and you’ve got a sidebar full of playlists, with songs and albums you’ve been saving. That’s quite a digital collection you’ve got there.

But now Apple Music has come on the scene, and you want to switch. Spotify won’t help you–you can’t export your playlists, at least not in any usable format–and iTunes has no way of importing your music.

What do you do? Go through each and every song on Spotify and search for it on Apple Music? Nah, that’d take too long; you want to listen to music, not fuss around. Fortunately, the $5 Move to Apple Music can help you out. Working with both Spotify and Rdio, this app makes a pipeline between your accounts, finding what you’ve stored on the former services, and adding them to your Apple Music library.

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