My Apple Music Chill Mix Isn’t Very Chill

Apple has started rolling out the new “Chill Mix” in the For You section of Apple Music to more users. Mine showed up a few days ago.

Chill mix

The thing is, it’s not very chill. Here’s the type of music it contains:

Chill mix list

I listen to a lot of ambient music on Apple Music, and some classical music, which would seem a lot more “chill” than the blues in the list. The Chill Mix is supposed to help me “relax and unwind”:

Chill mix tagline

But I don’t see this as relaxing music.

Interestingly, every single song in my Chill Mix is blues; there’s nothing else, nothing from the vast range of music I listen to, just one genre. I guess it’s not really “Tailored to my musical taste.” Or I broke the Apple Music algorithm again.