My iPhone 6s Case: Evutec Karbon

Evutec karbonAbout a year and a half ago, I came across Evutec’s wood and kevlar case for my iPhone 5s in an Apple Store (, Amazon UK). I’ve been using it since, and it’s a sleek, thin case, which offers excellent protection.

Rather than try out different cases for my new iPhone 6s, I went with another case from the same company. The confusingly named Evutec Karbon SI Osprey Carrying Case (, Amazon UK) is of a similar design. Instead of wood fibers, it has carbon fibers combined with kevlar. The outside of the case is very grippable, not at all slippery, making it much easier to hold onto the 6s than without a case.

This case is very light (just 25 grams) and thin (1.5 mm), adding little to the overall weight and volume of the iPhone. While it’s designed for the iPhone 6, it fits perfectly on the 6s.

The buttons are covered, but are easy to press, with the exception of the silent button; there’s a cutout to access that. And there are three cutouts on the bottom of the iPhone, on for the headphone jack, one for the lightning connector, and a third for the speaker.

At $49 this isn’t a cheap case, but considering how much the iPhone 6s cost, it’s a worthwhile investment. I have nothing negative to say about this case at all. I bought the black model, from the Apple online store, but there are a few other colors, which you should probably see in person before deciding.