My Kindle Paperwhite’s Cracked Screen Has Healed Itself

I couple of months ago, I cracked my Kindle Paperwhite’s screen. I tossed it on my bed, one day, and it landed on my iPhone, making a nasty crack with spidery lines extending a few inches. It wasn’t broken, but there was no way I could read on that device; it was too distracting.

So, I put it aside and bought a new one (in part, thanks to Amazon offering me a 20% discount, after I inquired whether the Kindle could be repaired). Today, I went to check it out, thinking that my partner, who is happy to read a non-backlit Kindle, might want to use it. The cracks only showed up when the light was on, so I thought that she might want to use it with the light off.

I charged it for a bit, entered my PIN, then, much to my surprise, the crack is gone. If I look really close, I can see a whitish spot where the contact point was, but the rest of the crack is gone. I don’t know why this happened, but my guess is that whatever liquid is in the screen filled the spaces, and did so seamlessly, hiding the crack. I don’t know how long it took for this to “heal,” but it’s been a couple of months. (I regret that I hadn’t taken any photos of the screen to be able to show before and after views…)

So, if you have a Kindle Paperwhite with a cracked screen, hold on to it. You may find, as I did, that it will self-heal after a while.