New Bob Dylan Song: Murder Most Foul

Bod Dylan has released a new 17-minute song, Murder Most Foul, about the killing of John F. Kennedy. It’s a slow, haunting, dirge-like ballad, essentially a talking song, where the lyrics sound almost improvised as the song goes on. There’s a playful use of rhyme and cultural reference, and in this time of great sadness, it brought tears to my eyes.

Dylan fans have transcribed the lyrics, which can be found on the Expecting Rain website.

Dylan scholar Scott Warmuth has found a book about the Kennedy assassination that may have been an influence on the song, or at least its tittle.

Murder most foul

1 thought on “New Bob Dylan Song: Murder Most Foul

  1. I’m 73, and I remember well the collective angst on that day. (I was a junior in a Pacific NW high school.) Upon hearing the awful news and for hours thereafter, the day’s time seemed to stop. And, spoken words simply came out in hushed tones.

    Dylan’s words are hauntingly eerie. Regardless of his voice change, which adds to his vocal mysteriousness, this piece will added to that portion Dylan’s repertoire known for strange, thoughtful emotions. …And, it’s curious speculating about his reason(s) for just now publishing this piece.

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