New Features Coming to Apple’s Garage Band on June 30

Apple’s Garage Band web page shows that the company is planning to update the app on June 30:

Garage band new features

June 30 is also the date that Apple Music goes live. I don’t expect Apple to add any features to Garage Band that take advantage of Apple Music – they don’t want you to record music from Apple Music’s radio stations, for example – but this date suggests that, in addition to Apple Music, Apple plans to make other changes to its music software.

There will certainly be a new version of iTunes, but it will most likely be a 12.2 update, not iTunes 13. iTunes 12 has only been out since last fall, and Apple doesn’t issue major updates to iTunes that often. Also, many people haven’t gotten used to the changes in the iTunes interface that version 12 bought.

So what will Garage Band bring on June 30? My bet is it’ll include some way of uploading content to Connect, which is part of Apple Music. One thing about Connect seems to be the ability for any artist to sign up, and, while you’ll probably be able to upload files through a web interface, allowing Garage Band users to upload their songs directly would be a nice touch.

We’ll find out in two weeks.