New, Free U2 Album for All iTunes Store Customers

One interesting thing about Apple’s presentation today was the announcement that the new U2 album would be free to every iTunes Store customer.

The Apple website says you’ll find it in your iTunes library, but this is only the case if you have iTunes in the Cloud purchases turned on, or iTunes Match. If not, you can grab the album in your Purchased list.

One brief note about the music. As has become common with pop music, this album is heavily compressed (dynamic range compression, that is; in other words, it’s loud). Have a look at the first track:


In any case, if you’re a fan of U2, or if you’re not, grab the album for free. It’s interesting; while this may not be the biggest selling album of all time, it is likely to be the most widely distributed album, accessible to potentially 500 million people for free.