New Grateful Dead: The Great May ’77 Recordings

UnknownThe Grateful Dead organization just announced a new box set containing four of the band’s greatest performances:

  • 5/5/77 Veterans Memorial Coliseum: New Haven, CT
  • 5/7/77 Boston Garden: Boston, MA
  • 5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University: Ithaca, NY
  • 5/9/77 Buffalo Memorial Auditorium: Buffalo, NY

The band was on during that run, and Deadheads know that 5/8/77 is one of the best shows of all time.

Limited edition, 15,000 copies, plus it includes this book: Cornell ’77: The Music, The Myth And The Legend Of The Grateful Dead’s Concert At Barton Hall.

Get it now before it’s sold out. It’ll sell out pretty quickly.

Update: It has indeed sold out, in just four days. But there’s now an “All Music Edition,” which contains the CDs in simply slipcases, without the fancy box or the book. So at least you can get the music if you want.

Listen to what is probably the best performance ever of Morning Dew, from 5/8/77: