New Mac App SoundSource Gives You Easy Access to Audio Settings

Rogue Amoeba, the makers of the essential audio apps Audio Hijack and Fission, has just released SoundSource, a quick-access app that lets you adjust audio device settings from your menubar. You can switch devices and adjust their volume with just a couple of clicks.

There’s also a Play-Thru window, which lets you check your levels while using audio devices.

This is a great addition to my Mac, since I do a lot of podcast recording, Skype calls, and other audio tasks.

Soundsource play thru

Rogue Amoeba has made a great offer to existing customers: if you have one of their apps already, you’re eligible for a free license for SoundSource. Check it out now; if you use audio devices on your Mac, this is the controller that you’ve been missing.

What do you think?

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