New Multicolor Option for Modular Watch Face in Apple Watch watchOS 2

MulticolorI like the Modular watch face on the Apple Watch: it displays the information I want in a way that’s easy to see at a glance. Previously, I had set my watch to a bright yellow color, since that stands out best against the black background in light environments.

I installed watchOS 2 yesterday, and as I was fiddling with the colors, I spotted this new multicolor option. I like this. The white lets you see important information quickly, and the other colors add variety. You can’t change any of the colors, but I think they are well chosen. The activity rings show the same colors as when you view them in a glance, or in the Activity app. Weather is blue, which seems to make sense, and it would be cool if it got redder as the temperature increased (it doesn’t). And the battery indicator is green; it should turn orange and red as the battery depletes.