No, Every Kid Should Not Learn to Code

Apple has announced another series of “Hour of Code” workshops it some of its retail stores, doubling down on the idea that every child should learn to code. Many people roll out this idea that all kids should be taught to code, but it’s simply wrong.

Sure, learning to program computers and create apps is a useful skill, but coding isn’t for everyone. A good app has code, but it also has intuitive design. Why isn’t Apple running “Hour of Design” workshops for kids? As the arts are essentially absent from education these days, kids aren’t learning about these skills, and only learning to code is only one element of the creation of apps.

While learning to code is useful for skills such as logic and reasoning, only some people have the mindset for this type of thinking. Suggesting that it is essential is leading more and more kids to be pushed in a way that might not suit them.

Teach kids lots of things, but give them more options. I’m surprised that Apple, who truly does care about design, doesn’t broaden their focus. They’d sell just as many iPads – perhaps more – to kids who want to learn creative skills.