iOS 10 Music App Only Displays Lyrics for Apple Music Songs

Apple has added lyric search and display to iTunes, and this feature was available in iOS 10 betas. You could view lyrics for your own music, if you had added lyrics to the tracks, and iTunes and the Music app would look for lyrics if you hadn’t. However, in the shipping version of iOS 10, this feature has been changed. You can only view lyrics for Apple Music tracks. If your music contains lyrics that you added in iTunes, there’s no way to view them in the Music app.

Ios music app more menu

If you play a track from Apple Music, the menu is different:

Apple music lyrics ios

Tap Lyrics to display the song’s lyrics.

It’s odd, and quite annoying, that Apple has done this. I’ve added lyrics to a lot of my music, and I can view those lyrics in iTunes. I would expect to be able to view them on iOS, which I have been able to do for many years.

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