No More Genius in the iOS 10 Music App

Genius is one of my favorite features in iTunes and the iOS Music app. It’s full of surprises. But it seems that Apple doesn’t like it any more. They changed the way you make Genius playlists in iTunes 12.3, and now they’ve removed it from the iOS Music app.

You used to be able to create a genius playlist from the … menu, but now, tapping that menu offers only these options:

Ios music app more menu

My guess is that Apple wants everyone to use Apple Music, and creating a station offers a feature similar to a genius playlist. Except it doesn’t. A genius playlist from my library plays my music, whereas a radio station plays music selected from the vast Apple Music library. I want to hear my music, grouped by the genius algorithm, not a selection of music from everywhere.

It’s a shame that Apple has deprecated one of its most innovative features. It’s still available in iTunes, but for how long?

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