Opinion: The worst part of Apple TV+ is the TV app – 9to5Mac

The Apple TV+ debut is a mixed affair. It may only have a handful of shows right now, but people seem to be enjoying them (even if most critics didn’t). I know I am anxiously looking forward to Friday for the next episode of The Morning Show and For All Mankind.

However, Apple TV+ content is only available through the TV app. And the TV app is pretty bad, mediocre at best…

The TV app is a bit of a mystery. As the article points out:

The TV app now has to juggle being a somewhat neutral curation of every TV show and movie available and act as the venue for Apple’s TV+ original content. It has to serve dual duty as directory and provider.

I don’t understand why there’s not a tab for Apple TV+, as there is in the Music app for Apple Music, or in the App Store app for Arcade.

I want the TV app to only show me the stuff that I pay for and can actually watch right now. Advertising of the full iTunes store or Apple TV Channels library should be in a separate tab, like a new “Browse” experience. The primary tabs like “TV Shows”, “Movies” and “Kids” should not be thinly-veiled ad platforms.

Yep. Apple is pushing the channels that they can get their commission on rather than making an app that is viewer friendly.

By the way, when are the next episodes of those Apple TV+ series coming out? I can’t find anything about dates in the TV app.

Source: Opinion: The worst part of Apple TV+ is the TV app – 9to5Mac