Opinion: Will limited device & app support lead 3D Touch to wither and die?

I’m going to be a little less polite than him. Just think about that from a UI perspective: an app may or may not support a headline feature of the phone, and the only way I can tell is by randomly stabbing at apps with my finger like a deranged monkey. That is utterly appalling UI design, and there’s no excuse for it from anyone — far less from Apple, which prides itself on usability above all else.

I would argue it’s also poor UI to have an operating system feature that may or may not be available depending on the device you’re using at the time. Sure, I understand that older devices may not be able to support all of the latest features, and that there are some features only practical on a larger screen. But someone switching between the flagship iPhone and the very latest iPad should not be seeing a feature on their phone that they can’t use on their iPad.

I’m quoting Ben Lovejoy for the second time today. I find 3D Touch to be pretty much useless. At best, it saves a tap; at worst, as Ben says, you don’t even know when you can use it. As I wrote in Macworld last year:

The biggest problem with 3D Touch is knowing when it is available. If you press links in certain apps, they’ll show you peeks; for example, a link in an email message in Apple’s Mail shows you a preview of a webpage from Safari. But pressing and holding a link in Twitteriffic, my Twitter client, brings up a share menu, without using 3D Touch


The same is the case with 3D Touch on the home screen. There is no indication that any app offers quick actions.

When I said on Twitter that I was ordering the iPhone SE, someone asked if I would miss 3D Touch. I won’t miss it at all.

Source: Opinion: Will limited device & app support lead 3D Touch to wither and die? | 9to5Mac