Outlining with the Scrivener Binder

Scrivener’s Binder is where you organize your projects, in folders and files, and this is reflected in the app’s dedicated Outline view. Many people like working in Outline view, because it’s a familiar way to view the elements of their projects. But you can also use the Binder to create an outline and rearrange it, and, in some cases, this is more powerful and flexible than the Outline view.

Scrivener is very different from other text editors or word processors; instead of working in monolithic files, your project can be split up into bits as long or as short as you want. (In practice, you probably don’t want snippets shorter than one paragraph.) Because of this, it’s easy to rearrange your project in the Binder.
In this article, I’m going to discuss how you can use the Binder as an outline, and when you might want to do this.

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