Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #204: CSAM, GDPR, and Android Updates

Apple pauses their new CSAM image scanning rollout, WhatsApp gets slapped with a big GDPR fine in Ireland, and Germany is mandating seven years of updates for all mobile phones. We also discuss new Mac malware, and Intego’s 100% virus detection rating.

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Customize the Scrivener Editor 2 – Adjusting Fonts in the Editor

In last week’s article, I explained how you can tweak the Editor to make it more comfortable to use. I discussed zooming to change the display, setting the Editor width, and adjusting margins, along with some other elements that you can change in Scrivener’s options.

This week, I want to discuss how you can work with fonts in the Editor: how to change the font, size, alignment, and more. Most writers want to set fonts once and for all, and never change them, and I’ll show you how to set the defaults for new projects.

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PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 100: One Hundred

In the very early days of the PhotoActive podcast, when Jeff was a nervous first-time podcast host, Kirk said to him, “It’s OK. Once you do a hundred of these, you’ll be better.” Well, here we are! Episode 100! To celebrate, we’re showcasing some of our favorite episodes and sharing what we’ve learned from them.

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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #203: Zero Click, Russian Fines, and Apple Wallet

A new zero-click exploit targets the iPhone, Russia fines internet companies for not storing user data in the country, and you’ll soon be able to put a driver’s license in Apple Wallet, but should you?

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Customize the Scrivener Editor 1 – Setting Up the Editor

The Editor is the section in the Scrivener window where you do your writing. While the Binder and Inspector are important, because the former helps you structure your projects, and the latter lets you store additional information about your texts, the Editor is where you probably spend the most time when working with Scrivener.

It’s important to be able to make the Editor fit your style of working, to help you forget its presence so you can just focus on the words you write. You do this by adjusting how the Editor and your text display.

In this article, I discuss adjusting the Editor view in general, and in future articles I’ll look at font settings, how to use styles, how to set up tabs and margins, and more.

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Kirk’s Picks No. 19 – Theragun Prime Massager

The Theragun Prime is a deep muscle percussive massager, great for massaging muscles that get tense when working at a computer.

Theme music: Honest Labor, composed and performed by Timo Andres.

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The Next Track, Episode #217 – To Stream or to Own Music Redux

In episode #2 of The Next Track, we discussed streaming versus owning music. That was five years ago. We decided to revisit the topic, to see if we’ve changed our minds.

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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #202: How We’ve Changed Our Approach to Security and Privacy

Josh and Kirk look at some new iCloud features, and talk about how they’ve changed their security and privacy practices over the 200+ episodes of the Intego Mac Podcast.

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Write Now with Scrivener, Episode No. 4: Annik Lafarge, Author of Chasing Chopin

After a career in publishing, from being a publicist to senior editor, Annik Lafarge is now a consultant and advisor to authors. Her latest book is Chasing Chopin: A Musical Journey Across Three Centuries, Four Countries, and a Half-Dozen Revolutions. Annik talks about how important it is for authors to help market their books.

“I honestly don’t think I could have written this book without without Scrivener.”

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