Photo: My New Shakuhachi

I got a new shakuhachi this week. This one is made by Kodama Hiroyuki, who is a true master of both making and playing the instrument. You can learn more over at my shakuhachi website, where I have been chronicling my experience learning this Japanese flute.

This is the “root end” of the instrument. The bamboo is pulled out of the ground and cut, leaving some of the roots on while it dries, then the roots are cut off, leaving this attractive pattern around the bottom edge.

Link to full-size version.

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3 thoughts on “Photo: My New Shakuhachi

  1. Nice one. Smart idea to use a “fuzzy” cloth as a background to compensate for the narrow focal plane.

  2. Nice picture, the colors are great.

    Is it as hard to manage as a quena? I got to play around with one once and would love to have one someday.

    • I’d never heard of a quena before, but it looks similar. It is quit difficult to get stable sound, and with the shakuhachi you play a lot of microtones, tilting the head to play sharp or flat. But it’s fascinating.

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