PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 113: Do Photographers Need the Mac Studio?

Apple announced the Mac Studio, a brand new M1-based desktop Mac that smokes the performance of even the Mac Pro. But is it a good machine for photographers? Jeff and Kirk discuss what’s interesting about the Mac Studio and the new Studio Display.

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3 thoughts on “PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 113: Do Photographers Need the Mac Studio?

  1. Hi Kirk. In summary, what is your recommended setup for amateur photographers wanting to use a 27″ Mac outfit? I have been using the 27″ iMac but looks like that has been discontinued for now. Thanks

    • It’s a tough call. If you don’t need to upgrade your current iMac, I’d wait. There are suggestions that there might be a 27″ iMac sometime in the future.

  2. Thank you for taking a realistic approach to the computation needs for non-professional photographers (though I am an amateur who prefers film). Although there are places where many cores and extremely fast processors can be beneficial due to the “embarrassingly parallel” nature of the process, most operations use at most a few cores at once. The famous computer scientist, Donald Knuth, bemoaned the production of multicore chips as a “silver bullet”, concluding that it is an indication that computer manufacturers were running out of ideas.

    I agree that almost any M1 with enough memory will admirably serve the needs of nearly all amateur photographers (I made a mistake when I bought my first M1 machine – I was so overjoyed that Apple was dumping Intel that I got the cheapest MBA with 8 GB and am suffering with considerable “memory pressure”. I recently ordered an MBP with 32 GB, though my needs are modest: I am a retired physicist who writes physics books and all I need is something which runs LaTeX fast).

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