Possible Solution for Problems Syncing iOS Devices with iTunes

As I’ve reported here, lots of people have problems syncing iOS devices with iTunes. I’ve researched this issue, talking with many people, and finding a solution is difficult. Nevertheless, I have a theory, and I need a few people to test it. I can’t test it, because all of my devices are syncing correctly.

Testing this will involve a fair amount of time to restore a device, and sync several times. So, rather than post my theory here, I’m making a call for a few beta testers. If you have sync problems with an iOS device running iOS 8, and are using iTunes 12, get in touch with me via my contact form. I’ll write back explaining what you’ll need to do.

I may be totally wrong, but the only way to find out is to have several people test my theory. When I’ve gotten enough testers, I’ll change this post to say so. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I’ve published my procedure here.