Problems Backing Up an iOS Device to iTunes? Try Putting it in Airplane Mode

Over at Kirk’s iTunes Forum, a member posted a question about problems backing up his iPhone. He said:

I have been having a problem with my iPhone 6 Plus where it puts out an error saying the backup failed (during sync) because the iPhone disconnected. And yet it sits there still syncing

Another person chimed in today, and I suggested putting the iPhone into airplane mode, since I have seen that it fixes some sync problems.

Interestingly, it worked, at least for the second user. He said:

So rebooting my Mac and setting the phone to Airplane Mode seems to work. It also worked for my wife’s phone, which was suffering from the same problem.

So, if you’re having problems backing up an iOS device, try putting it in airplane mode. It could be an issue with the device connecting to Apple’s servers. It’s hard to confirm why this works, but if it does work, that’s good enough.

Do post in the comments if this does work for you, or if it doesn’t.