Providing the best possible App Store experience – The Omni Group

With the original download free, we can implement any pricing options we want to offer customers through In-App Purchases. We can offer our standard unlocks of Standard and Pro, of course. But we can also offer a free 2-week trial which unlocks all of the features of Pro and Standard, letting you freely choose between them. We can offer a discounted upgrade to the new Standard. And we can offer free upgrades to the new versions to any customers who recently purchased the old app.

The Omni Group is spinning this like it’s such a great solution; I think they’ve simply given up on hoping that Apple would implement demos and upgrade pricing, and they’re being subsumed in a business model that doesn’t fit the products they sell.

I understand the logic, but I really don’t like in-app purchases. Sure, for something expensive like OmniFocus you’ll not forget that you bought an in-app purchase, but I know there are apps where I’ve unlocked pro features then, after having to restore an iPhone, forgot about them.

And the Omni Group also says they’re bringing this model to Mac App Store apps. Again, I understand it, but the company has demos of their apps on their websites. This decision highlights one of the biggest failures of the Mac App Store, the fact that developers have no contact with users, and can’t offer demo versions, upgrades, etc.

If the Omni Group has folded, then there’s not much hope for other developers to pressure Apple to fix these issues.

FWIW, I use OmniOutliner, and I’ve long been frustrated by this company that has standard and pro versions of their apps with relatively minor feature differences. I don’t understand the point of having two versions when one would be a lot simpler for everyone.

Source: Providing the best possible App Store experience – The Omni Group