Quick Poll: Do You Think the Apple Watch is Attractive? Yes or No?

A lot has been written about how Apple is targeting the “fashion market” with the Apple Watch. There have been ads in fashion magazines, such as Vogue and others, and the gold version of the watch is targeting the monied. (Even though it’s exactly the same watch, just in a gold body.)

I find that a lot of luxury items are not very attractive: Louis Vuitton bags, Hermès scarves, Burberry raincoats, etc.; all these seem, to me, to be nothing more than logos. But I’m not the demographic who buys something for its logo; I usually buy clothes and shoes that don’t have logos on purpose.

If you buy an Apple Watch, it’s more for what it does, for its usefulness as a gadget. But if you wear one on your wrist, you still want something that doesn’t look bad. (And this is independent of the pricing, which is still unknown, though I’ve made some predictions.)

So, do you think the Apple Watch is attractive? Am I alone in thinking that it’s clunky, and doesn’t look at all like jewelry? Or am I missing the point?

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