RealMac Software Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Typed: A Better Blogging Platform

Update: RealMac Software met their funding goal after about 12 hours. 24 hours after the campaign went live, they’re at +50% of their goal. Talk about a resounding success! I guess there are enough people who want this sort of lightweight blogging platform.

Last week, I migrated this website to a new hosting company. I had outgrown my old host, and I needed something more reliable, and that could handle more traffic. At the time, I was thinking about what alternatives there were to WordPress, which has become cumbersome. It’s a good, free blogging platform, but it’s getting complicated to manage, and I, as a writer, would rather spend my time writing than worrying about what runs my blog.

Coincidentally, around the same time, I got a heads up from RealMac Software saying that they were launching a crowdfunding campaign for Typed: A Better Blogging Platform. The company recently released a text editor called Typed, which has become my daily writing tool. So this blogging platform looks to be an extension of the text editor, reproducing the same ethos of its simple, minimal interface and features.

20150202131521 writing theme 2x

Typed will work with Markdown as input, allow you to have most of the features that make WordPress attractive: posts and pages, tags, scheduled posts, responsive layouts, themes, and much more. It will be a hosted service, but where you can use your own domain names.

The idea of a new, slimmed-down blogging platform is very attractive to me. I’ve contributed to the crowdfunding effort, and if you’re a blogger, you should consider doing so as well. It’s great that WordPress is the leader in blogging, but it’s becoming too much to handle for many people. I hope that Typed will be a viable replacement, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Check out the IndieGoGo page for Typed: A Better Blogging Platform.