Reorganize Items on the iOS Health App Dashboard

Some months ago, I wrote an article for Macworld saying how I felt that Apple’s Health app really needs a redesign. I think its layout is bad, and confusing; and I lamented the fact that you couldn’t reorganize the dashboard.

It turns out that you can reorganize the items on the dashboard, but Apple doesn’t tell you. I stumbled across this today, accidentally, when holding my phone in a strange position with one hand, which meant that my thumb was pressing and holding one of the graphs. Sure enough, it started moving. Here’s what it looked like:

Reorganize health app

Tap and hold any of the items on the dashboard, and, when you see it sort of rise off the background, as you can see above, slide it where you want to. You can set the order of these graphs any way you want.

It wouldn’t have been too hard for there to be an Edit button, making this more obvious…