Royal Shakespeare Company Brings Digital Motion Capture Technology to the Stage

The Royal Shakespeare Company, my local theater company, does a lot of Shakespeare, offering both traditional and modern takes on the plays. This year, for Shakespeare’s 400 birthday, they’ve got an interesting project in store. Working with Intel, and Imaginarium Studios (Andy Serkis’ company), they’re bringing digital motion capture technology to the stage. It’s not clear yet exactly how this is going to work – I expect the RSC to tease this for much of the year, until the play opens – but I consider this to be very exciting. Here’s a video giving a glimpse of what they’re doing:

You can find out more about the play here. I’ve got tickets to see it twice, and I’m looking forward to it. I also hope to be able to write about this use of technology before the play opens.

Oh, and it’s starring Simon Russel Beale as Prospero. That alone makes it worth checking out.