Sample Photos Shot with the Olympus Pen-F Camera

Earlier today, I posted my First Impressions of the Olympus Pen-F Camera. (, Amazon UK) At the time, I hadn’t taken many pictures with it, because the weather was terrible. So when the rain stopped, and the clouds cleared up a bit, I went out in my garden to shoot some photos. All these photos were taken with the Olympus 25mm (50mm equivalent) f 1.8 lens.

All the following photos were shot in aperture priority mode, and the color photos were converted from Raw by Apple Photos. The black and white photos are all the JPEGs from the camera. I haven’t made any adjustments to any of the photos, other than cropping some of them, and scaling some of them down so they’re not too big. I’ll explain why for each one.

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Let’s start with this bee and flower. It’s very windy, so I had to shoot this holding the plant’s stalk with one hand, and shooting with the other. The focus is great, and the image stabilization is really doing a good job. This is a tight crop, and I haven’t resized the photo at all.


Here’s a full-frame shot showing the quality of the colors and the clarity of the sensor in a fairly bright image.

This is some weathered wood, showing texture. I scaled this down to about half size.

Here’s a close-up of a flower; again, no scaling, just a crop to make it smaller.

Here’s a black and white shot. One interesting feature of the Pen-F is its three black and white modes (see below for a comparison). This was shot with profile 2, which is high contrast. I hadn’t noticed that there was a high-grain preset, and I’ll take some more photos with different grain settings later. In this shot, I think the grain is fine, but in some others it’s a bit too strong.

And here are three black and white shots of the same scene. No scaling, just cropping. In order, they are profiles 1, 2, and 3. As mentioned above, there’s high grain on profile 2, and profile three has low grain. Again, I’ll take some more shots in the various black and white profiles later, with different grain settings, and post them in another article.

Profile 1 is very smooth, and profile 3 is meant to have a bit of an infrared effect. I prefer the strong contrast of profile 2, and I’ll get the grain adjusted in the future.