Save Safari Web Pages to PDFs on iOS with Dropbox App

Dropbox pdfDropbox has just updated its iOS app, and the latest version includes a useful new addition:

“Save to Dropbox” App Extension now saves PDF versions of websites from Safari (iOS 8 & 9 only) — to enable, you can tap the share icon in Safari and toggle the extension from the “More” section

To set this up, open a web page in Safari. Tap the Share button, and then scroll along the bottom row until you see More…

Tap More… and scroll down until you see Save to Dropbox. Toggle this to turn it on.

When you see a web page you want to save as a PDF, tap the Share button, and then tap Save to Dropbox. You’ll be asked to enter your passcode or Touch ID, if you’ve turned that on in the Dropbox app, then you’ll be able to choose a name for the file, and a location in your Dropbox folder. Dropbox then generates the PDF and saves it.

As you can see to the right, the PDFs that Dropbox creates create page breaks, and may even cut images. But it’s a good way to get a full graphic of a web page, without having to switch to another app.