Saving and Sharing Scrivener Preferences and Options

Like any sophisticated app, Scrivener has plenty of preferences and options, allowing you to customize the way the app works, how it displays, and much more. You can adjust the way the Editor displays text, how the Corkboard looks, and set fonts and colors for the Outliner. There are also settings for auto-correction, backups, how the Scratchpad works, and much more. You may want to use Scrivener in its default setup, or you may want to tweak these settings to make them right for you.

What if you want to use Scrivener on two computers, such as a desktop computer and a laptop? Scrivener allows you to save these preferences or options and load them on another computer. You may even want to do this to keep a backup of your settings, or to help a friend get started using Scrivener. In this article, I’ll explain how you can save and load preferences and options.

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