See More of Your Project: Splitting the Scrivener Editor

Scrivener’s Editor is the part of the app where you do your writing. We’ve looked at how you can customize the Editor to make it fit your style, and we’ve explained how to use Scrivenings mode to view multiple texts consecutively in the Editor.

Scrivener’s Binder lets you build your writing project in sections, chapters, scenes, or fragments. But sometimes you need to see more than one part of your project. Unlike most writing apps, whose files are monolithic, leading you to scroll, scroll, scroll, when you want to go back to what you’ve written before, you can just click on another document in the Binder to do this.

But Scrivener’s Editor goes even further, allowing you to split the editor into two parts. You can write chapter 17 while looking back at what happened in chapter 3, to make sure that you get everything right.

In this article, I’ll tell how to split the Scrivener Editor.

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