Side Splitter AppleScript Lets You Relive the Joy of Flipping Albums in iTunes

My podcast partner Doug Adams were chatting recently about the experience of listening to record albums – LPs – where you would flip a record after 20 or 25 minutes of music. So he made an AppleScript to reproduce this in iTunes.

Back in the day, LP record albums were experienced as pairs of “sides,” right?

A decent record side was about 22 to 27 minutes long. And so we got used to listening to chunks of music of this duration. These time constraints on a record would often affect how the album was programmed, such as the song order and perhaps other conceptual factors.

If you spent a lot of time listening to record albums this way, you may remember the convention of “flipping the record” after the first side was finished in order to hear the other side. It only took a few moments to do so, but this pause in the action is the sort of thing you don’t experience much with CDs and virtually never with hours-long playlists.

We discuss this in an episode of The Next Track podcast to be released this Friday.

Check out the Side Splitter AppleScript for iTunes.