Some Sample Photos Shot with the iPhone 8+

The weather has been rainy and overcast in my part of the world, but today it cleared up a bit, so I went for a walk around my village and shot some photos with the iPhone 8+. Here are some examples. None are tweaked at all, other than straightening a couple of them, and downsizing them all a bit for this web page.

(Check out my tests of portrait mode and portrait lighting, with Rosalind the Cat.)

I’ve always loved the bright red of British mailboxes; note the excellent depth of field here using the wide angle lens:

IMG 6684

There’s a church around the corner from my house. Here’s another wide angle shot:

IMG 6688

And a bit closer, using the telephoto lens, here’s a view of the top of the tower and its gargoyles:

IMG 6691

Here’s the church from another angle; the iPhone shot this in HDR automatically:

IMG 6698

Finally, here are some interesting plants in front of a house in the village:

IMG 6704

While these photos are lower resolution than my two “real” cameras – the iPhone camera is 12 Mp, compared to 20 and 24 Mp for my other cameras – the quality of these photos is excellent. This is mainly due to the software that ensures that exposure, focus, and color is as precise as possible.

I’m not ready to use an iPhone for more than casual photos. The lack of lenses, and the need to use the LCD screen as opposed to a viewfinder, among other features, make it a deal-breaker. But this camera is excellent, a lot better than I expected. I’d make a few tweaks to the above photos; adjusting exposure a bit, changing saturation, contrast, etc, but many of them are fine as they are. Kudos to Apple for creating a truly great camera in this pocket computer.