Sony Releases an Audiophile SD Card, Because Reasons

Sony premiume sd cardSony has released an audiophile SD card, the SR-HXA, which apparently, according to The Verge, costs around $155, compared to anywhere from $30 to $50 for equivalent speed SD cards. But this one is touted as “producing less electrical noise,” and Sony has a graph to prove it:

Y SR HXA 001

Blue seems to be your average, everyday, cheap SD card, and red is the Sony SR-HXA. My guess is that this SD card also results in less jitter, especially in the essential frequency ranges that reproduce harmonics, and that it helps contribute to more lively music, and a broader soundstage.

You have to love this Google Translate version of the Japanese web page, with statements such as:

“General na ? holds an have grades one then ? wa capacity ya speed To I ? ta su pe t ku ga ensure Connecticut made me cry made me cry ba parts ya material ga Bian more Connecticut made me cry…”

Yes, it made me cry too.