Sponsor: AnyTrans Lets You Access and Copy Anything on Your iPhone, iPad or iPod

One of the most common problems I hear from my readers is that they’ve lost music or playlists because of computer issues. Sure, they should back up their files, but lots of people don’t. They need something to recover files from their iOS devices. And in some cases it’s not their fault: their iTunes library file may be corrupted, and they may lose meticulously crafted playlists that took them a long time to set up.

AnyTrans is a full-featured tool that lets users copy anything from their iOS devices to a Mac or PC (there are both Mac and Windows versions available), and even copy some items to their iOS devices. Copy music and playlists to your iTunes library; transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer; and even clone one device to another, copying all its content. You can also copy videos to your iOS device; AnyTrans converts videos, in formats such as MKV and AVI, to formats that iOS can read.


With AnyTrans, you can also access the iOS file system, export text messages and iMessages, download and export iCloud data and much more. AnyTrans lets you access just about everything on your iOS device. Try a free demo now.