Spotify Amends Privacy Policy, Clearing Up Confusion, and Using Clearer Language

Spotify ruffled some feathers a couple of weeks ago when they introduced a new privacy policy. Some of the language was obfuscatory, and the internet got the fantods.

But to Spotify’s credit, the founder Daniel Ek quickly came out and apologized, and Spotify has published a new, clearer privacy policy.

This is actually the way privacy policies should be written. Spotify tells you what data it’s collecting, and why. For example, they say things like:

* Technical and sensor information necessary to operate Spotify. This includes the type of browser and device you use, data from the touchscreen, and information from your device’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. This enables you to control Spotify and allows us to do simple things like rotate videos and recommend music based on whether you’re sitting still or running.

So, kudos to Spotify for clearing this up. I hope other companies start using a more clear approach to their privacy policy in the future.

Update: Well, as Doug points out in the comments, Spotify is spamming Foo Fighters fans… I guess it was too good to be true; thinking that a company would actually treat its users honestly. As Daniel Ek would say, “Um, ok.”