State of Apple TV apps, 6 months in —

I’d say Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Apple Music all suffer from the same issues facing many Apple products today:

  • Visual design taking too much priority over working well.
  • Ship dates seeming more important than shipped product quality.
  • Insufficient resources as Apple spreads itself very thinly, leading to important feature omissions, quality problems, and neglect.
  • Increased difficulty for developers to succeed, resulting in stagnation of existing platforms and low adoption of new ones.

To summarize it in one word: hubris.

As I’ve said about iTunes 12 many times, it seems that the marketing department has taken over from the designers and engineers. This is why Apple’s stock price plummeted recently. iPhones are still selling well, but everyone sees that Apple isn’t providing either the reliability or the innovation of yore.

As for the Apple TV, I’m still waiting for that Amazon Prime Video app…

Source: State of Apple TV apps, 6 months in —