Stream Apple Music to Your Apple Watch

Apple has released watchOS 4.1, which adds some essential features to music listening on the Apple Watch. This notably allows you to stream music from Apple Music and your iCloud Music Library, even over cellular. And you can also access Apple Music Radio from your wrist computer, and stream radio stations.

To stream music, go to the Music app, then Library. You’ll find your playlists, albums, artists, and more. Tap one to start playing.

IMG 6975

You can also try asking Siri to play music; you can specify a song, artist, album, or genre. As always with Siri, your success rates may vary.

To play Apple Music Radio, open the new Radio app, and tap an existing station, or tap Stations.

IMG 6974

You probably are worried about battery life, if you’re planning to stream from your Apple Watch. Apple has given the following estimates:

  • Up to 10 hours playback from Apple Watch storage
  • Up to 7 hours streaming playlist with LTE
  • Up to 5 hours streaming live radio with LTE

I don’t know why live radio would use more of the battery, bit it’s probably the way the data is sent. If you stream a playlist, the watch downloads the entire song when you start playing, and can then stop downloading data, which probably reduces the amount of battery power needed. For live radio, the connection is permanent as long as you’re listening. But it’s still a good idea to sync music via the Watch app to your Apple Watch if you want to be able to listen to specific music, since it will make your battery last longer.

So now you really can leave your iPhone behind when you go for a walk, ride, or run.