Switching to an iPhone SE – Michael Tsai

The iPhone SE is much more comfortable in the hand, and especially in the pocket. Sometimes when walking or sitting I find myself checking with my finger to make sure that it’s actually in my pocket–that I didn’t leave it somewhere. Whereas, I would always feel the need to remove the iPhone 6s before sitting for an extended time.

Part of the improvement is because it’s smaller and lighter itself. But the SE’s less slippery and sharp shape means that I can use it without a case. This brings the weight down from 6.6 oz. to 4.0 oz., which feels like a big difference. The iPhone 6s’s weight never bothered me, but now that it’s gone I prefer it that way. Plus, there’s no dust stuck between the edges of the screen and the case.

I’m with Michael Tsai on this, as I’ve said here often. One handed use trumps everything else.

This said, I was at an Apple Store recently – not something I do often, since the nearest one is an hour from my home – and I was checking out the iPhone 7 plus. It’s an interesting device, if you don’t think of it as a phone. If it was a bit cheaper, I might try it out, but not until the next model is released.

I understand why some people want bigger phones, but I still don’t understand how Apple didn’t get that many people liked the smaller size, and nuked it for about six months before they released the iPhone SE. Also, the price point of the iPhone SE is a lot nicer.

Source: Michael Tsai – Blog – Switching to an iPhone SE