Who Wants to Hire Me to Write about iTunes, Apple, and More?

My first article for Macworld was published about 16 years ago, and this adventure is coming to an end. Following the buyout of Macworld’s parent company IDG, the publication is restructuring, and is cutting back on most of its freelance work. My two regular columns, Ask the iTunes Guy and Hey Apple, Fix This, are being cancelled, and the final installments of each will be published this week and next week.

The Ask the iTunes Guy column was particularly successful, running for more than five years, with nearly 150 bi-monthly columns. (Here’s the very first iTunes Guy column from February, 2012.) I received one or two dozen questions each week from readers, and answered hundreds of them, rarely covering the same topic twice. And in the Fix This column, I used my own experience, and that of readers who wrote in, to highlight areas where Apple could improve their software, hardware, and user experience.

Among the hundreds of other articles I wrote for Macworld were hardware and software reviews, how-tos, opinion pieces, and more. I also managed the Mac OS X Hints website for a few years, before Macworld shut it down.

So I’m looking for some freelance writing work. I can provide a wide range of content about iTunes, digital music, and listening to music on mobile devices. I also write about Apple in general, hardware, software, apps, photos, music, books, theater, and much more. You can see the range of my interests by browsing this site.

I’ve written several dozen books, including a number of Take Control books, and I also have long experience writing software documentation, press releases, white papers, and other documents for businesses. And I’m fluent in French, with many years’ experience working as a translator from French to English.

Interested? Drop me a line.