My Shakuhachis

If you listen to my music podcast The Next Track, you certainly know that I have been playing the shakuhachi for a while. This Japanese end-blown flute is a fascinating instrument, and it is also a very esthetic object.

I currently own six shakuhachis, and I’ve posted a bit about them on my Honkyoku website. Have a read if you’re curious about the instrument.

The Next Track, Episode #144 – Cornelius Boots and His Bad-Ass Shakuhachi

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxCornelius Boots is a bad-ass shakuhachi player, and Kirk’s second shakuhachi teacher. Cornelius is a composer, performer, and teachers, and has just released his third album of original compositions.

Listen to The Next Track: Episode #144 – Cornelius Boots and His Bad-Ass Shakuhachi.

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