Two Useful New Preferences in the macOS Sierra Finder

<img class=”alignleft” src=”; alt=”Sierra finder prefs” border=”0″ width=”300″ ” />I don’t plan to write extensively about macOS Sierra or iOS 10; plenty of other websites will offer thorough coverage of these new Apple operating systems. I will, however, highlight some of the small, overlooked features I come across as I use the betas.

Here’s one from the macOS Finder. There are two new preferences, that will be useful for some people. The first lets you tell the Finder to automatically delete item from the Trash after 30 days. I know a lot of people who never empty the Trash, until they eventually run out of space on their Macs. This will help them, since items in the Trash will be deleted automatically. Unfortunately, this setting of 30 days is a long time; I think a week would be better, or perhaps a menu with several choices, such as On Shutdown, One Day, One Week, One Month.

The second setting makes for better file viewing when you view files in the Finder in list mode, and sort by name. Folders will display at the top of the list, instead of mixed into the list in alphabetical order. So you’ll see files and folders like this:

Sierra finder file sort

This makes it a lot easier to quickly spot and find folders in a window with a variety of items.