Nuance Discontinues Dragon Speech Recognition Software for Mac

Nuance has announced that the company has discontinued Dragon Professional Individual for Mac. This was the most recent name of the company’s speech recognition software for macOS.

Following the acquisition of MacSpeech in 2010, Nuance created Dragon Dictate, a Mac version of their popular Windows speech recognition software. As a long-time user of this type of software, I’ve followed its progress over the years, as it improved greatly, then was ignored since last year’s update for macOS Yosemite. The software was very good, but the company was always plagued by poor support, expensive upgrades, and a general disdain for the Mac platform.

This is a shame, because I had contact with a number of passionate people who worked on this product, and they created software that is essential for many disabled people, and highly useful for people with a desired to be more productive.

The only solution for Mac users in the future is to buy the Windows version of Dragon and use it in a virtual machine (with VMware Fusion or Parallels), which is not ideal.

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0 review: Better performance and accuracy

Another year, another upgrade to Nuance’s Dragon ($300; $150 upgrade), their speech recognition solution. I reviewed version 5 last year, pointing out that “Dragon offers some of the biggest changes since this software was first introduced, both under the hood and on the screen.”

Building on the changes made to the speech recognition engine in Dragon 5, Nuance has improved Dragon’s performance across the board. Boasting improvements in accuracy of either 15 or 24 percent (the company has cited both of these numbers), Nuance claims that Dragon offers “up to 99% recognition accuracy.” Naturally, “up to” covers a wide range of results, but this version of Dragon does seem more accurate than version 5.

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