Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ Updated for the Latest Version of iTunes

Tc itunes cover 200 2xThere were big changes in iTunes 12.4 (and the subsequent 12.4.1, which restored some features that were missing from its predecessor). Updating my Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ was a bigger job than expected.

But it’s done now, and the book is available. If you’ve already bought the book, you can check for an update and get the latest version. If not, here’s a blurb from my publisher, which explains what’s new in this edition:

When it comes to storing, organizing, and playing your media from iTunes, there’s always something new to learn because Apple can’t stop tweaking the app. Happily, it seems that the grown-ups have returned to the design meetings! In iTunes 12.4 (now updated to 12.4.1), Apple left most of the core features and workflows alone but brought back the sidebar (hallelujah!), simplified the toolbar and navigation bar, and made the contextual menus more consistent.

As fans of the sidebar, we’re particularly pleased to bring you an updated version of Kirk McElhearn’s Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ. As you know from reading an earlier edition of this book about iTunes 10 or iTunes 11, it provides comprehensive coverage of all that iTunes can do. New and revised topics look at navigating the interface, making playlists, loves versus stars, notifications, Genius, shuffling, Apple Watch audio, Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, and much more.

You can also check out an interview that Chuck Joiner did with me for the Mac Voices podcast where I discuss what’s new in the latest iTunes updates.

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