Taylor Swift Isn’t Streaming Her Album 1989, But She Sure Is Streaming Songs From It

Taylor Swift got good publicity around her 1989 album by confronting Apple about streaming. Good timing too. While it’s still selling well, it’s been out for more than six months, and is certain to start fading. So while she isn’t allowing it to be streamed yet, she’s decided to be graceful and allow it to be streamed on Apple Music starting next week.


Taylor Swift may have made a big deal about streaming the album, but what about songs? At least two songs from the album are available to stream; Bad Blood and Shake it Off They show up in this week’s Billboard Streaming Songs chart. I don’t know where they’re streaming; I don’t see them on Spotify, or on Tidal. As such, I can’t tell if other songs from her 1989 album are available to stream.

Bad blood

Shake it off

It’s not that Ms Swift is against streaming. She clearly is all in favor of streaming her songs, but allowing the entire album to be streamed is a different kettle of fish. I’m not sure why it should be different; maybe I’m misunderstanding her apparent hesitancy about streaming. (She does allow her previous albums to be streamed…)

So where are these songs available to stream? And are there others?