The 7 most egregious fibs Apple told about the iPhone XS camera today – TechCrunch

Apple always drops a few whoppers at its events, and the iPhone XS announcement today was no exception. And nowhere were they more blatant than in the introduction of the devices’ “new” camera features. No one doubts that iPhones take great pictures, so why bother lying about it? My guess is they can’t help themselves.

To be clear, I have no doubt they made some great updates to make a good camera better. But whatever those improvements are, they were overshadowed today by the breathless hype that was frequently questionable and occasionally just plain wrong. Now, to fill this article out I had to get a bit pedantic, but honestly, some of these are pretty egregious.

As I watched the event, I was particularly struck by the expression “Remarkable new dual camera system.” There’s nothing new about it, nothing more remarkable than last year’s camera system, which, while very good, isn’t really remarkable in the industry.

The article dissects a number of claims that are really just fluff. Apple didn’t have much new to say about the camera, so they sort of made stuff up, or presented features that exist on other devices and tried to claim that they were Apple inventions.

The iPhone camera is quite good for what it is, but Apple has depended on the camera to sell iPhones for years, and if they don’t have anything really new, then they have to fudge a bit.

The thing with the background blur is interesting, though not unique to Apple, but all does is allow you to adjust the amount of blur that is applied to the depth layer of a photo by the software. I was actually more impressed by the ability to do that with the single-camera iPhone XR.

Source: The 7 most egregious fibs Apple told about the iPhone XS camera today | TechCrunch