The Apple Watch’s Best New Faces Are Missing Key Complications

InfographThe Series 4 Apple Watch has two great new watch faces that allow you to have a high amount of information on the small screen of your wrist computer. These faces, Infograph and Infograph Modular offer a high number of complications, respectively nine and six.

But there some of the most useful complications are missing. Why can’t you add the Phone, Messages, or Home complications, as you can on other faces? You also can’t add Find My Friends, Now Playing, Remote, or lots of the other complications that let you launch apps with a single tap.

That’s probably the reason; they expect users to launch them in other ways: via the Dock (which I’ve never found practical), or from the apps hive or list, or via Siri. But people may want to be able to launch these complications more quickly. I use different watch faces for different activities, and it would be great to have some of these complications on these attractive new faces; instead, I need to fall back on the older ones, which offer fewer options.

It’s a bit surprising that the newest faces, the ones that Apple has been featuring when they show off the latest model Apple Watch, are hobbled by this. Especially since Apple Watch users have been using these complications, some for many years.