The artist photos in iTunes are useless. They shouldn’t be.

MicrophoneWhen you’re browsing your iTunes library, trying to choose what music to listen to, there are several ways to do this. If you’ve made playlists, you can look in the sidebar and pick one of your favorite mixes, or choose a smart playlist based on your favorite music. If you’re an album-only person, you can switch to Albums view, then scroll until find an album you like. It’s easy to do this if your music has artwork, because you can spot your favorites at a glance.

But perhaps you want to scan the artists in your library to see if there’s one who grabs you, or perhaps to find an old favorite you haven’t listened to in a while. You switch to Artists view, and, if you’re a visual person, you’re lost. In the latest version of iTunes (and in the iOS Music app) most of the artists’ names are illustrated by the same drab microphone graphic.

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