The Dangers of Using the Apple Watch when Driving

A thought crossed my mind today while driving in my car. It’s illegal in most places to text while driving. Yet many people do it anyway. It’s not illegal to use a hands-free phone.

What about the Apple Watch? Where will that fit in? Given its position on the wrist, it’ll be easy to glance at when you’re driving. It’ll also be tempting to respond to notifications, flick through emails, and more. While you can’t type on it, you can tap it and use Siri to dictate text messages, emails and more.

This seems inherently dangerous: it’ll be a distraction, and using one hand to tap or twirl the digital crown will mean that drivers won’t have both hands on the wheel, hindering reaction time if they need to stop or swerve suddenly.

Just a thought: this could be a dangerous device for driving, and lawmakers may have to amend existing laws to cover it.